Regulatory and Licensing Affairs

Every aspect of our practice and our clients’ businesses touch upon regulatory matters. From drafting a lease, to starting a new leasing company, to developing a bank or finance company lending program, perfecting an interest in a special purpose vehicle, to selling a lease or loan portfolio and beyond. Our attorneys are at the forefront of analyzing and interpreting the myriad of consumer oriented and state and federal laws and regulations that govern the vehicle and equipment leasing and lending arena, including attendant licensing. We have represented our clients before multiple state licensing authorities and have been advocates for and against legislative change on a state and federal level. Similarly, our attorneys have lobbied for their clients in the New York State legislature. Analyzing, interpreting and complying with the law are the backbone of what we do.

Our attorneys have engaged in a variety of licensed lobbying and review of legislation:

  • Conducted multi-jurisdictional surveys of laws related to motor vehicle finance, including perfection of liens in motor vehicles, consumer disclosure, lemon law and plain language.
  • Conducted multi-jurisdictional assessment of vehicle leasing and dealer licenses and related sales finance company licensing requirements.
  • Represented lenders before regulatory authorities in connection with applications for leasing companies, motor vehicle dealers, sales finance companies and licensed lenders.
  • As licensed lobbyists registered in the State of New York in the area of motor vehicle leasing and financing.
  • Orchestrated lobbying effort in the New York State legislature to successfully suppress legislation designed to extinguish motor vehicle leasing brokers and independent leasing companies.
  • Represented major banking interests in the New York State legislature with respect to motor vehicle financing and leasing.
  • Engaged in development of the basic disclosure documents mandated under the federal Consumer Leasing Act with U.S. Comptroller of the Currency at the time the law was adopted.

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