Portfolio Acquisition and Management

Our attorneys have been active participants in and represented banks, financial institutions, captive and independent finance companies and leasing companies in developing, managing, building, acquiring and selling their lease and loan portfolios including through securitization, asset and stock sales. Such activities also involve loss mitigation, portfolio analysis and pre- and post-bankruptcy sales of distressed businesses. Our team excels at analyzing and examining the financial, business and legal aspects of such transactions, including tax considerations, as well as preparation of documentation, review of agreements, due diligence, closing and post-closing matters. With intimate knowledge of lease and loan financial structure, our attorneys are agile advisors who can assess and evaluate the efficacy of a transaction or proper means for managing a portfolio in a troubled market. Our experience in this area is unsurpassed.

Our attorneys have engaged in acquisition, management and disposition in transactions in excess of $1,000,000,000:

  • Created start-ups and built and managed all legal and business aspects of multiple vehicle and equipment lease and loan portfolios.
  • Numerous acquisition and sales of motor vehicle and equipment lease and loan portfolios including securitizations and asset and stock sales.
  • Served as in-house general counsel to a domestic auto finance subsidiary of a major Japanese trading company.
  • Served as special counsel to foreign trading company with respect to U.S. auto finance subsidiary stock sale transaction.
  • Designed and documented master purchase programs for bank acquisition of retail installment contracts from an independent finance company.
  • Served as general counsel to a domestic auto finance subsidiary of a foreign bank, advising on an array of matters pertinent to the business ranging from auto finance lease and loan agreements to real estate leasing, employment agreements and severance issues, non-disclosure agreements, litigation matters, regulatory and compliance, contract and joint venture agreements, among others.

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